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Scientist, Author &

Speaker on Dual-Career Couples 

and Women's Issues


In 2013, Eve was selected as the recipient of the highest award given by the Society of Women Engineers (SWE).  The SWE Achievement Award is “Bestowed for an outstanding contribution over a SIGNIFICANT period of time in a field of engineering.”  Eve was honored for “game-changing contributions to the petroleum industry, to the science and practice of geosciences and petroleum engineering, and to the advancement of women engineers.” 


Eve was the 2006 President of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE). In 2010, she was selected as the recipient of the highest honor that SPE presents to an individual, Honorary Membership.  She was recognized as "a prolific contributor to the dissemination of technology, as an author, speaker and as a tireless SPE leader, including serving as SPE President." Eve served as a member of the SPE Board of Directors from 1991–94 and as an SPE Distinguished Lecturer from 1998–99.  

Eve has also served on the Board of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists and was the founder of the Society of Core Analysts.

She has served on visiting committee at MIT and Colorado School of Mines.


Now a consultant, Eve worked for Chevron from 2000 through 2013 serving in a wide range of roles most recently as the Advisor, Geological R&D.  From 2009 through mid 2012, she was the Business Development Manager, for Chevron Energy Technology Company. From 2006 through 2008, as University Partnership and Recruitment Manager, she managed Chevron’s worldwide recruiting and university philanthropy.  Before that as the Senior Technical Advisor for Chevron Technology Ventures and Manager of the Advanced Energy Focus Area, she managed strategic research in non-hydrocarbon energy sources.   Earlier, she served as Venture Executive in Chevron Technology Ventures for the Venture Equities and Energy and Power Funds.  Her first role with Chevron was as Senior Science and Technology Coordinator, Health, Environment, and Safety, managing the corporation’s global climate change policy.


Before joining Chevron, Eve worked for 21 years for Mobil Oil Corporation.  She worked in positions in upstream new business development for 7 years.  The first 15 years of her career, Eve worked in research and development in a wide range of technologies, including formation evaluation (core analysis), formation damage, and hydraulic fracturing, authoring 23 patents and having a significant impact on the assessment and development of major fields. 


She holds 23 patents and has authored 28 technical articles, edited two books, and has written over 120 other papers.



Retention of Mid-Career Women



Stanford University



Management of Dual Careers


Collection & Analysis of Data on the Status of Female Professionals


New Technologies to Responsibly Provide Cost-Effective Energy to Society



BS and MS

Earth and Planetary Sciences

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